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   Since its inception in 2006, TANDEM offers a communicative approach, oral and interactive language teaching. Approach based primarily on the needs that you express.


   Our teaching approach Tandem offers a communicative approach, oral and interactive teaching of languages ​​primarily based on the needs that you express. Our desire is to bring you a complete solution for learning languages ​​according to your needs, your motivation and your personal goals. Language training that can really be effective if you have a real desire to learn, the pedagogical approach TANDEM is to cause you to become the actor of your training. A TANDEM, we guarantee:

• Efficient service, sound advice, a warm welcome;
• A reliable assessment of your initial linguistic level;
• Courses taught by highly qualified and skilled trainers, constantly upgraded.
• Tandem training center offers the opportunity to improve your oral and written understanding and speaking in different languages ​​from various multimedia (TV, CD / audio cassettes, DVDs, video cassettes, CD-ROMs, websites, press).
Grammar and vocabulary at the service of communication
   We neglect neither grammar nor vocabulary, essential elements of communication.
   Grammatical contents are seen as tools for communication between speakers. Our approach is to discover the rules by observing the forms and structures and present the grammar in context in communication situations.

Conversational topics that interest you
   The glossary is the choice of topics related to the interests and needs of the trainees.
   The pronunciation practice also seems essential to enable you to communicate effectively.
   Course materials and class activities are varied to take account of both the public and learner profiles, the diversity of areas and situations processed.
   The situations listed in needs analysis are taken into account in activities such as role plays, simulations, conversations and debates.


 The competence of trainers will be your asset and a key factor of success and maintaining quality.

   Their Lively and effective teaching approach allows them to place you as an actor in your course and get you connect with more and more ease on topics related to your personal interests and / or professionals, knowledge face situations that may occur in a language other than your mother tongue.

Trainer profile:
     • University level
     • Language Professional experience
     • Native speakers and Tunisian

They make it a honor to take advantage of their expertise.

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  • Language Course For Adults
  • Language Course for Children & Youth
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